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Covid-19 pandemic is a leading challenge globally. It is mandatory and compulsory to have and maintain good and complete diet to fight against virus and diseases. Diet type of individual is affected by numerous factors such as age, sex, health status, life style and medications. Complete and healthy diet, Optimal nutrition, required proteins by the body and dietary nutrients intake impact the immune system of the body, therefore the only sustainable way to survive in current times is to strengthen the immunity system of the body. Eating complete and healthy diet is very essential and important especially during the COVID-19 pandemic difficult times. What we eat and drink can directly affect our body’s ability to prevent, fight and recover from diseases, infections and viruses.
While it is right that no foods or dietary supplements can prevent or cure the spread of COVID-19 infection, still healthy diets are important for supporting strong immune system for body which helps to fight from Covid-19 Virus.
Your immune system is the primary line of defense against dangerous viruses; it provides a general defense mechanism against harmful diseases. Good and healthy diet can also reduce the possibility of developing other health problems, including so many harmful diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.

Include variety of food, including fruits and vegetables in your diet-

Include a plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, including some foods from animal sources with a mix of wholegrains like maize, wheat, and rice, legumes like beans and lentils, in your daily regular diet.

Cut down on salt
Limit salt intake in your food. While cooking and preparing foods, use salt carefully and try to reduce the use of salty sauces (like soy sauce, stock sauce). Ensure the labels on food and choose products with lower sodium content.

Consume moderate amounts of fats and oils
Substitute refined oil, salted butter and lard with healthier fats like ghee, coconut oil, cold pressed oils, olive oil or unsalted butter while cooking. Prefer natural fats like fresh cream, meat fat, coconut, nuts, egg yolks and limit the consumption of processed meats & fats. Pick low-fat versions of milk and dairy products. Avoid processed, baked and fried foods that contain high amount of trans-fat.

Limit Sugar Intake
Limit the consumption of sweets and sugary drinks such as fizzy drinks, fruit juices, juice drinks, ready-to-drink tea and coffee. Consume natural sugar in the form of fresh fruits as a substitute of sweet snacks such as, cakes, cookies, chocolate etc. While considering other dessert options to satiate your cravings, always ensure that they are low in sugar or try to consume them in small portions. Don’t give sugary foods to children. Salt and sugars should not be added to complementary foods served to kids less than 2 years of age.

Stay hydrated
Good hydration is very important and essential for good and optimal health. Drink enough water tap water is considered as the healthiest and cheapest drink. Drinking water as a substitute of sugar sweetened beverages is a simple way to limit the intake of sugar and excess calories and to keep the body hydrated.

Avoid alcohol
Drinking alcohol can be unsafe, hazardous and dangerous for every human. Regular or excessive alcohol consumption increases the immediate risk of diseases, and cause longer-term effects on body like liver damage, cancer, heart diseases etc.

Five keys for safer food:
Keep clean
Separate raw and cooked
Cook thoroughly
Keep food at safe temperatures
Use safe water and raw materials.

A complete and healthy diet can help to ensure that the body is in the strongest and most powerful possible state to win the battle of the virus. We view health and fitness through a humanized and personal approach that focuses on people’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and work life. Get the Personalize and customized Diet plan! Contact us, and get a daily meal plan for yourself that will be tailored to fit your food preferences which will help you to achieve your fitness goals. We know the importance of health and fitness for human’s life; and because of this we work for the fitness and health of humans. We bridge the gap between healthy lifestyle and fitness by delivering trusted health information and resources, tips, tools, and insights through our experts.