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Tot-Fit Program




Tot-fit offers a high quality mixture of physical education and sports activities designed to be engaging, fun and education for young children aged 3-7 yrs.
Our aim is to provide a platform where kids will learn life skills, develop physical literacy, built the foundation of their learning and provide the building blocks for development. Tot-fit will teach kids how to overcome physical, emotional and development challenges being faced. Along with how to keep themselves motivated, increase confidence in movement and learn about the fundamental movements, which will make them active and healthy. The programme covers the ABC's of child development with sessions on agility, Balance and Coordination.


The curriculum is designed and created by experts covering all aspects of child psychology, age, safety, behavior, health, need specificity of actions and movement patterns. In our Tot- Fit curriculum we have introduced the concept of (SLA) in early childhood.




  • Running
  • Jumping 
  • Balancing
  • Co-ordination
  • Hopping
  • Aiming 
  • Rolling


  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Social Interaction
  • Self Independent
  • Catching
  • Dodging 
  • Throwing
  • Kicking
  • Striking
  • Bouncing
  • Skipping


  • Decision making
  • Courage
  • Co-operation
  • Basic Rules
  • Game related skills


  • Sportsmanship
  • Goal Setting
  • Respect For Yourself and Others
  • Decision Making


Understanding age groups in playground activities is must. Keeping this in mind, we have specially designed equipment which will be comfortable to handle and improve coordination and motor skills. Our equipment is designed by experts who keep the safety aspect of the child at the heart of each piece of equipment so that noone is harmed during activities or play. Equipment is designed to be colorful so that the children find learning engaging and to make the activities fun and memorable.

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment & evaluation will be done of each child engaged in the programmed monthly. Data will be shared to each parent during the course of the term. Feedback will be given to parents about their child's progress. Children will be guided in their learning to improve their own pace in a way which suits them. Assessments will be done on the basis of standard process with set criteria related to it.


- We take child safety extremely important with the children at the heart of every sessions.
- All children are monitored by highly qualified coaches and teachers during sessions to ensure that they remain safe throughout the programme.
- All the equipment is checked before the sessions to ensure it is of the highest standard.
- We have a set safety protocol and emergency procedure for eventuality.


Rewards will help to motivate and inspire children. They provide positive reinforcement for excellent behavior and are given to children who show development in their learning. The rewards we give are "Reward the Effort made" not the achievement itself and will to help keep children wanting to learn. We have made Special stickers, trophies, medals to reward the kids.

 Craig Micheal Hughes
(Advisor for Tot-fit program)

BSc (Hons) Sports | FDSc – Sports Coaching &Development, England |                                                        Certified in Multi-Sports, England


• We have a specially selected team of coaches and teachers who have a wealth of experience in delivering high quality sports and physical activity.
• All coaches have certified experience and qualifications in their respected fields.

About Kreedaks TOT-FIT Programe

Our sports day events give the Children a chance to showcase their sporting prowess. We organize specialized events for toddlers which focuses on making the children feel special and gives the parents an opportunity to see how far their children have developed through the Tot fit programme.

Parents are an integral part of our company and we look to gain information on what parents want to see in terms of their child's development. We organize sessions for parents to come and discuss their child's own performance along with an open feedback session which allows us to understand what parents want.

A balanced diet for kids is discussed with parents by our experts during guest lecture which takes place during the open feedback session.

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